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Cover for Jenny the Pirate - Sexy erotica

Jenny the Pirate - Sexy erotica

Jenny decides, unwillingly, to sell her houseboat to be able to finance her anthropological research project in Malaysia. At first there doesn’t seem to be any potential buyers, bu ...

Cover for Dirty Doctor - Sexy erotica

Dirty Doctor - Sexy erotica

"My legs could hardly hold me the way my entire body was shivering. I'm sure he could tell because he grabbed me and held me up while he took in my other nipple with his mouth and ...

Cover for Car Sex - Sexy erotica

Car Sex - Sexy erotica

"She smiles as she thinks about the time they drove out to the forest. She parked on a small dirt road at the forests’ edge. Back when it was so warm that they had to open the wind ...